Sheep 1/45 2013

Wooden sheep handmade mini-bars are wonderful interior items that are characterized by originality, quality, functionality and comfort in any home. They create a special aura in the room, the most conducive to relaxation and comfort, emphasize the style, grace, unique luxury and beauty of the room.

Our products are made from the best environmental materials. Each model has its own character and style, unique design, uniqueness and exclusivity. Our sheep will become an interior decoration.

Price: 800$

The cost of this instance

Materials: wood (linden, pine), leather, glass, metal, fabric (velvet)
Dimensions (height x length x width):  100 х 110 х 40 cm
Seat height: 62 cm
Weight: 18 kg.
Load: up to 100 kg.
Bar capacity: 5 bottles

An interesting mini-bar stool in the form of a sheep. Handmade. The seat is covered in white fur.
There are options with beige, black fur or any other choice of the buyer.

We deliver our furniture in Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as in all other cities of Russia. We also carry out international delivery. 

For items in stock - 100% payment at checkout.

For items on order - payment of 50% at checkout and 50% at manufacture.

Payment options

  • Cash and bank cards
  • Bank transfer
More details about the payment terms can be found in a special section of our website.


If for some reason you decide that our product does not suit you and the presentation is preserved, we will take it back. Only the cost of the product is refundable. Shipping and delivery charges are not compensated.


All our products have a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase, provided that the buyer observes the rules for caring for the product.

The warranty does not apply in case of:
  • the presence of mechanical damage;
  • independent disassembly and repair of product elements;
  • damage to the product resulting from improper use.

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